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How To Download

This page explains how to download tracks from Khaim Music.

Rules for using tracks for free

① YouTube

Please add mention (@Khaim) or website link in the video description.

[How to mention]

Please enter "@Khaim" and select the channel of Khaim.

[How to add link]


Music by Khaim:

Beat by Khaim:

② Instagram / Twitter / TikTok

Just mention me.

<Example> Music by @khaimmusic

* In Instagram and TikTok, some of Khaim's tracks are included in the app, so you do not need to write credits when using them.

③ Radio / Podcast etc...

For free use credits should be voiced; mention me at the end of the episode.

④ Website

<Example> Music by

*If you want to use my music without give credit, you have to buy Licence.

*DOVA-SYNDROME category tracks are subject to the DOVA-SYNDROME Terms of Service and License with priority, and can be used free of charge without credit.

<How To Download>

① Click <Download MP3> at the bottom of the page.

(Jump to the external site

② Click <DOWNLOAD>

③ Click "Subscribe To Khaim" to see Khaim's YouTube channel.

I would appreciate it if you could subscribe to the channel, but it is not compulsory.

Then go back to the previous page and click "NEXT".

④ Click the green "DOWNLOAD" to start the download.

<About Tempo>

You can also search by the rough bpm of the track by clicking the tag of each tempo.

Fast → BPM100~

Medium → BPM80~100

Slow → BPM~80


I would be grateful if you could subscribe or follow to my YouTube / Instagram / Twitter / SoundCloud / Spotify etc.

Please don't forget to check Teams Of Use.

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